Drupal CMS and LMS development

Drupal is our technology of choice when it comes to building web applications. We've used a lot of other ones between us, but nothing compares to it's enormous community or range of functionality that plays well together in it's marvelously modular form. Drupal is a CMS and PHP framework used by millions of people worldwide, with a user-led and community curated ecosystem of tens of thousands of extensions which plug into just about anything you can google.

Open Source CMS Experts

We're so excited about Drupal, in fact, that we run the Wellington Drupal meet-ups, which makes us fantastically networked with all the best developers in town.

We are also an Acquia partner, which helps us scale up for the really big projects. Acquia is the hosting and services company started by the initial developers of Drupal, and their tools radically improve the way developers deal with multiple environments, version control and update management and security.

We provide:

  • Development for your existing Drupal website
  • Integration with external APIs and services
  • CMS migration planning and development
  • Drupal training and consultancy

Like Drupal, we love working in an open and modular way, so if you would like us to do part of the project and an internal development team or second agency to do the majority of the work, that's fine. We'll just provide the skills that are missing. Or if you want us to scope, plan, deliver and support a major CMS migration or merging project, that's also fine. Mostly, things are fine. Except maybe climate change, that looks like it might be a bit of a problem...