Virtual tours

At Xequals we develop completely custom virtual experiences, tailored to your requirements.

Unlike other digital agencies that make virtual tours, we do not have 'out of the box' interfaces that must be used, making your tour look the same as everyone else. Instead, we can completely customise your virtual experience, creating something that is special and unique to your space. We've built tours for real estate managers of premium CBD office spaces, Wellington's leading restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Location based marketing at its finest

Do you want your venue to have a massive impact online? We can create you a dynamic, interactive tour. Xequals are a provider of lavish, highly attractive virtual experiences that can be created to suit. We find these tours are excellent marketing tools for organisations that are looking to advertise their physical locations wide and far to a modern audience. Our virtual tours are satisfying, engaging experiences that hold people's attention and help them make a decision about your business.

Virtual tour options include:

  • ¬†Responsive (optimised for viewing on mobiles, tablets, wide screens)
  • Full photosphere (true 360 view)
  • Completely custom interfaces and interactions can be developed
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography
  • Full audio integration options
  • 360 video tours can also be taken with special lenses
  • Video scene integration inside a tour (ie playing videos or making interactive TV screens within the tour)
  • 'Gamified' elements can be brought into the tour
  • Flipbooks and other animated readable content
  • Social media sharing integration
  • Google analytics integration¬†

Xequals are New Zealand's premium provider of custom developed virtual tours

Virtual tours are excellent for property managers, property developers, architects, and anyone dealing in property or location-based businesses. Virtual tour experiences can be made out of real-world HDR photography or rendered computer graphics - meaning that entirely imaginary scenes can be brought to life. We are available to develop total custom tours that can accommodate interactive floor-plans, radar-views, animated weather effects, video integration, and a whole lot more. Give your location or design the best reflection it can have. If you are in property or architecture, consider inquiring about one of our custom tour application developments.

Many of our clients are involved with high-rise offices, members clubs, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. If this is you - welcome! We offer very competitive packages to deliver you virtual tour at affordable prices and high quality. Get a virtual tour quote today and look forward to a massive marketing upgrade to your business.