Experiments with Kubernetes: we can't contain ourselves

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Xequals has begun running experiments using Kubernetes. What is Kubernetes you say?

Well, if you don’t know, and you at all care about technology, you’ll benefit from learning - so read this!

For the rest of you, you already know that Kubernetes is an open source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerised applications. It is used by the likes of Google and many, many other large IT companies that need to host and deploy a lot of code and database configuration. It is a leading technology for building on-premise, hybrid, or public cloud infrastructure and a favoured tool for building dynamic hosting and deployment solutions.

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So why are we doing that? Aren’t we just a web agency?!

Well. yes and no. We are indeed a humble web agency, but one that is passionate about developing new skills, staying current in tech, and running experiments  with new cool things, at least so we can understand them. But where it all started for us was pretty simple.

It all started with this guy:

The old Xequals work horse PC now running a single-node Kubernetes cluster

We realised our office was increasingly collecting old computer hardware, and we wanted to do something productive with it. This 14+ year old desktop tower was once-upon-a-time a leading gaming machine, fully capable of playing Half Life 2 on max graphics settings! And it was in danger of becoming a foregone relic of a bygone time and finding itself in some technology junk heap, relegated to history.

But we resurrected it, as a single-node Kubernetes cluster, to run experiments, have a play, and see what we could do with it. Turns out that these old machines can really still do useful things, and have a good run if used for the right purposes - of course with a bit of TLC, computer-whispering, and fresh software installations.

In conjunction with our friends at CLVR, who saw our old PC and said ‘Hey! Let’s put Kubernetes on that!’,  we are exploring ideas and uses for Kubernetes, to see if we can improve our understanding and capability in working with modern cloud and container technologies. This is the first step - or rather, first node - on a new journey.

We’ll see where it takes us! More updates to come.

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out to us to chat, or if you want to speak to the experts, contact our CLVR friends.

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