Our Story

We are a heavy-lifting, global, full service, digital studio with a vibrant, talented development and creative team.

Who We Are

Xequals are a team of developers, designers and project managers. Most of us are based on Cuba St in central Wellington but we also have contributors from our Melbourne office and all around the world.

What We Do

Our primary service offerings are websites, Apps, LMSs, CRMs, custom software and software integration services. We also provide high quality UI/UX consulting, eCommerce solutions, business analysis, Agile and general technical consulting. We are up to most challenges.

Who We Work For

Our focus is to work with Government, Enterprise, and social good clients but we also work for many SMEs as well as a plethora of non-profits and charitable organisations.

Our team

Xequals strength has always been its people. We are technical and creative specialists with a common passion for the 'art of getting things done'.

Our team compromises a core group in Wellington, members from our Melbourne office, and technical specialists globally.

Profile picture for user Alex
Alex Matthews
Founder & Managing Director
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Rox Flame
CEO and Founder
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Dallas Ramsden
Chief Marketing Officer
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Tom Murphy
Chief Information Anarchy Officer
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Jan von Mulert
Lead Developer
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James Scott
Senior Drupal Specialist
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Carla Schollum
Senior Designer
Profile picture for user Dominic
Dominic Taylor
Front-end Developer
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Rosalind Cervante
UIUX Designer
Profile picture for user James P
James Palmer
Profile picture for user queno
Queno Purificacion
Front-end Developer
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Mike Birch
Drupal Developer
Profile picture for user Pedro
Pedro Cambra
Backend Drupal Developer

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