What we do - Development & design services

Xequals fuses human creativity, open source tools and modern approaches to build websites, mobile apps and a plethora of awesome, unique digital experiences.

Open Source Solutions

Content management system specialists using Drupal CMS

Securely integrating software platforms

Native & Firebase Mobile app Development

Modern design and creative services


Learning Management System design and eLearning platform development


Client Record Management system design

Other services that reinforce our core business.

User Research - What's the point in building any digital experience, if it doesn't connect with people or facilitate good outcomes for human? User research is key to the success of all Xequals projects. He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata!

Business Analysis and Requirements Documentation - In our 10 + years of business, we've developed strong skills in helping large organisations evaluate and document their business requirements. In many cases, Xequals can do this faster, cheaper, and to a higher standard than your internal teams.

Drupal Upgrades, Drupal Migrations - Upgrading Drupal from 7 to 8, 7 to 9, 8 to 9, take your pick. Data and user migration along with content review and strategy.

Technical Contract Mediation Services - Helping large (typically Government) organisations make sense of development projects that have encountered difficulty, are close to failure or post-failure. Xequals is a company uniquely experienced in untying the Gordion knot.

Our Approach

Discovery, Scoping & Strategy

Thoroughly scoping digital projects is paramount to ensure their success. Our process starts by working closely with you to define your product, detail its specifications, high-level goals, and use these to determine required labour and timelines.

Rapid Prototyping

Xequals prefers a pure-Agile, rapid prototyping process where business requirements are actively built, tested, and tweaked in a sprint-by-sprint, real world, rapid prototyping process.

Design and UX

We design technology for humans - which means usability is everything. We constantly head hunt for ultra-talented UI/UX designers to staff a high-capacity, high-creativity user interface and usability experience design team who will creatively guide you through your project.

Frontend Development

Xequals is serious about high-quality front-end code, methodology, and implementation. We support a wide range of front-end languages including CSS/SASS, React, Django, Vue, Angular, JavaScript and new languages as they emerge. If it's a front-end for PC, mobile, smartwatch, wide-screen or digital street signage, our front-enders can do it.

Backend Development

Our heavy lifting back-end team can build out almost any business requirement. We match organisational culture to open source architecture - meaning we implement business logic based on how your organisational can run optimally. As we like to say, "A dysfunctional organisation will create dysfunctional software", which means achieving an ideal result often has to work backwards from understanding, embracing, and sometimes challenging an organisations way of doing things before translating this into a digital platform.

Training and Support

Support is the bedrock of our business. Building an incredible digital experience is just where a good project starts. Allowing a digital experience to achieve its full potential often involves supporting it with sustained innovation, usability enhancements, features and ongoing training. Xequals provides a range of standard and tailored support plans that work backwards from what is best for your project and organisation.

Hosting and Maintenance

Xequals prefers to host on the cloud using best-of-breed SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) hosting platforms. Our plans are competitive while also providing some of the worlds best, most modern software hosting solutions.

For digital platform and CMS implementation services

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