A tension exists in modern CRM platforms - CRM owners want their CRM to be specific to their business, to their needs, to their customers. But out-of-the-box CRMs either don't do what you want, do way more than what you want, cost an arm and a leg and are typically inflexible in being able to meet your organisations needs. CRMs do not need to be difficult, bloated, or wildly expensive. A new school is emerging in open-source CRM design that challenges the established paradigm of always dropping a small fortune for a Salesforce, Hubspot or MS Dynamics solution, which inevitably will either be thrown away once it fails to facilitate a core business need, when Accounts department realise its costing the same as a small space programme, or when versions get outdated and become too difficult to upgrade.

Why not have the best of both worlds - an 'out of the box' CRM built on a highly stable and supported CMS framework, with total freedom and flexibility in customising it? We deploy CRMs that:

  • Can run as SaaS products on Cloud infrastructure
  • Have easily extended schema's and user records
  • Have contacts / users segmented into groups, organisations, categories
  • Integrate with newsletter software such as Mailchimp
  • Facilitate custom workflow logic
  • Integrate with email servers for sending notifications based on conditions
  • Are mobile first and work well on any screen size
  • Have encrypted, secure databases
  • Have cost effective maintenance and support strategies (stop paying stupid amounts on licensing fees! Our solutions are open source :) )
  • Have long shelf-lives and be upgradable, our tech is built on platforms that can stand the test of time

If you need a CRM and want all the normal assurances of a stable SaaS, cloud hosted product, but have custom logic you need to facilitate, then we are well positioned to consult you on this and design a proportional solution. We've done this for Government agencies in New Zealand and the results are very positive. When it comes to developing your custom CRM solution, take advantage of the newer, better ways of doing things!

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