Systems Integration

Can software platforms speak to each other? Yes., indeed they can. Is this a problem? Well, depends who you ask. Let's skip over AI's getting so comfy with each other they don't need us any more! For now, in most situations, it's a 'solved problem' - which means if you need two, or many applications to speak to each other, we can help.

Xequals is an experienced software integrator having worked across many different techs and platforms over the years. We've made websites talk to financial systems, apps speak to content repositories, different databases share info with each other, and we even got your cousin Lenny to finally speak to Aunt Silvia, who frankly, was overdue for some TLC.

We deal with all the typical stuff, like:

  • APIs - (which stand for Application Programming Interfaces, if only we had a dollar each time someone asked...)
  • API development, aggregation, consumption, transmutation
  • API data schemas
  • REST/SOAP/SOIL - Guess which word is made up
  • Authentication layers, including social logins, SSO, SAML, AD
  • End to end encryption
  • Issues concerning data sovereignty and data ownership
  • Testing, troubleshooting, error and exception handling
  • Automated performance testing and bottleneck tracing

If you've found herself here going "oh heck, I really need to find someone who integrate A with B", then congrats, you've made it.

If you're in need of a technical partner you can trust

then let's explore it together