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What do the New Zealand government, universities, media companies, and nonprofits have in common? Many of their significant websites are built on Drupal CMS. As an open-source content management system, Drupal offers tools to create dynamic, flexible websites suited for complex needs. Its robust features for enterprise-level sites make Drupal a popular choice across sectors in New Zealand and globally.

Let's look at some notable organisations using Drupal to power their online presence and operations, from TV networks to museums. Their adoption of Drupal reflects its capabilities for building feature-rich, high-performance websites. Examining these sites provides insights into how institutions large and small can benefit from Drupal's strengths. Discover what makes Drupal a versatile platform for all kinds of websites and organisations in Aotearoa.

Why Organisations Build on Drupal?

Even though Drupal may not be the most widely used CMS globally, large enterprises, institutions, and nonprofits often select it to power their online presence. Drupal's open-source nature provides high security, which is vital for sites handling sensitive data. Its modular architecture also allows vast flexibility - starting from a simple site, developers can add complex functionality through Drupal's thousands of extensions.

Drupal's scalability enables smooth handling of spikes in traffic, perfect for media sites. The paired Drupal and Symfony frameworks offer robust tools for customisation. Headless Drupal can provide reusable content APIs to feed apps and devices. With an active developer community constantly improving Drupal, websites benefit from ongoing support. 

For organisations with complex needs and high demands, Drupal provides an adaptable enterprise-level solution. Its track record for large, secure sites makes Drupal a natural choice for taking websites to the next level.

Corporate Websites

Several leading New Zealand companies operate popular websites showcasing their brands, products and services.


2Degrees Logo


2degrees is a New Zealand-based telecommunications company serving customers across the country. With over 1,600 local staff, 2degrees operates its own fibre broadband network spanning 1400 km underground and over 2,000 cell towers. As a full-service telco, 2degrees aims to innovate and make positive impacts for New Zealanders.

Air New Zealand Travel Insurance

Air New Zealand offers travel insurance policies through a partnership with Cover-More Travel Insurance. Policies include medical and trip cancellation coverage related to COVID-19. With round-the-clock emergency assistance, access to a free Travel GP service, coverage for pre-existing conditions, and other benefits, Air New Zealand aims to provide New Zealanders comprehensive, worry-free insurance for domestic and international trips. As part of the Zurich Insurance Group, Cover-More has over 30 years of experience assisting travellers worldwide.

Air New Zealand logo

McDonald's New Zealand

McDonalds classic M logo

McDonald's originated in the US when Ray Kroc franchised the McDonald brothers' California hamburger restaurant concept in 1955. Rapid expansion followed, including opening the first New Zealand location in Porirua in 1976. Now a global chain with over 30,000 restaurants, McDonald's came to define fast food. It opened its first Drive-Thru in 1978 and McCafé in 1998 in NZ. Milestones include sourcing ethical local ingredients, adding nutritional information, and partnerships like Ronald McDonald House Charities. From humble beginnings, McDonald's grew to become a worldwide brand while localising with specialties like the Kiwi Burger.

NZ Post

NZ Post provides postal services and solutions for parcel delivery, mail, and business communications in New Zealand. With over 170 years of history since its 1830s origins, NZ Post remains ingrained in Kiwi life. While adapting to changing needs, it still focuses on reliable nationwide delivery. NZ Post Group incorporates the core mail business, banking, digital solutions, and more. As both a state-owned enterprise and a major employer, NZ Post plays an important economic role. By connecting individuals and businesses across the country, it aims to deliver service Kiwis can depend on now and into the future.

NZ Post logo

Otago Daily Times

Otago Daily Times logo

The Otago Daily Times (ODT) is New Zealand's oldest daily newspaper, owned by Allied Press Ltd. As a locally focused yet independently owned paper, the ODT provides strong coverage of Otago news and national and international stories. Published Monday-Saturday and based in Dunedin, it has unrivalled penetration into the Otago market. The ODT's long history and regional insights make it an integral part of the South Island community.

Allied Press Ltd.

Allied Press Ltd is a South Island-based media company owning newspapers, TV stations, websites, and printing operations across the lower South Island of New Zealand. Its flagship Otago Daily Times, founded in 1861, is the country's longest-running daily newspaper. Other papers include The Greymouth Evening Star and community publications. Based in Dunedin with over 400 employees, Allied Press aims to serve the region with quality local, national, and international news. Its "Optima Durant" motto reflects a commitment to enduring quality journalism and community support.

AlliedPress Logo Logo is New Zealand's leading financial and economic news website. It provides comparisons and tools for interest rates, deposits, lending, and banks to empower informed money decisions. Established in 1999, the site has extensive data and market intelligence used by both individuals and industry. aims to be a key resource for everyday Kiwis and financial figures through its daily news and constantly updated rate tools and calculators. The goal is to equip New Zealanders with financial knowledge and transparency.

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Government & Nonprofit Sites

Many New Zealand government agencies and nonprofits have a meaningful online presence providing resources and services.


Worktalk Logo

Worktalk is a website developed by Immigration New Zealand and Victoria University of Wellington to help improve communication between employers, managers, and migrant employees in New Zealand workplaces. With many overseas-born workers, particularly in Auckland, cross-cultural communication challenges can occur. Worktalk provides resources tailored for managers and new employees from diverse backgrounds to enhance understanding and maximise diverse workforces' benefits.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health (Manatū Hauora) is the government agency that leads New Zealand's health sector. Its vision is to improve population health and equity. The Ministry stewards the system to deliver better health outcomes by advising on policy, setting direction, regulating, and monitoring performance. A core focus is advancing health equity, which involves coordinated efforts so all New Zealanders can attain full health potential regardless of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, geography, disability, or other factors. The Ministry partners across government and the sector to future-proof healthcare and achieve the goal of pae ora - healthy futures for all.

Ministry of Health logo

KidsHealth NZ

Kids NZ logo

KidsHealth NZ is a website providing New Zealand parents, caregivers, and families (whānau) with reliable information on child health and wellbeing. Its mission is to supply accurate content on keeping kids safe, managing illnesses and conditions, and supporting children's healthcare needs. The extensive information comes from input from NZ health experts and parents. KidsHealth also serves as a resource for professionals like doctors, teachers, and counsellors to refer parents to. The goal is to empower New Zealanders caring for children through trustworthy advice.

The Salvation Army New Zealand

The Salvation Army is an international Christian church and charity that has served New Zealand since 1883. It provides social services and spiritual Ministry to over 120,000 people in need each year through initiatives like food banks, budgeting advice, and life skills programs. With a mission of caring, transforming lives, and reforming society, the Army has over 3,000 New Zealand employees and volunteers driven by Christian values. It is part of an international movement coordinated by the Salvation Army International Headquarters in London.

Salvation Army logo

Māori Television


Māori Television (Whakaata Māori) is New Zealand's indigenous national media organisation. Its mission is revitalising the Māori language through digital-first content accessible across platforms like its two free-to-air channels, websites, social media, and apps. Programming in both Māori and English provides educational and entertaining content that showcases Māori language and culture. Māori Television envisions a thriving Māori world and upholds values like professionalism, integrity, empathy and upholding Māori customs. Its motto emphasises people as the most important.

Te Papa Tongarewa

Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of New Zealand, is the country's national museum located in Wellington. Nicknamed Te Papa, it opened in 1998 by merging the National Museum and National Art Gallery. With over 1.5 million annual visitors, Te Papa is a top art museum globally. It operates under a bicultural philosophy, emphasising the living narratives behind its collections. As a cultural treasure box, Te Papa provides an interactive experience highlighting New Zealand's natural, cultural, and artistic heritage.

Te Papa logo

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Education Resources

Education is another field well represented online, with informative sites for different needs.

UC QuakeStudies

UC Quake Studies Logo

UC QuakeStudies is a digital archive documenting the impacts of the Canterbury, New Zealand earthquakes. Created by the University of Canterbury, it preserves and makes openly accessible earthquake-related content for research and understanding the disaster's effects. The archive stores material from researchers, organisations, and the public, providing long-term secure preservation. Content is enhanced with metadata by staff and volunteers who collect community materials. By centralising and connecting resources, UC QuakeStudies aims to facilitate learning about earthquakes and disaster response and recovery.

Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand

Te Ara - The Encyclopedia of New Zealand is an extensive online guide to New Zealand's people, history, culture, environment, and society. Launched in 2005, it provides pathways to understanding the country through detailed articles organised into thematic sections. It emphasises Māori perspectives and includes content in the Māori language. Te Ara also includes updated biographies in New Zealand's 1966 print encyclopedia and the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography. As a freely accessible resource compiled by experts, Te Ara aims to be a comprehensive reference on all aspects of New Zealand.

Te Ara logo

The Pacific Media Centre at AUT University

The Pacific Media Centre at AUT logo

The Pacific Media Centre at AUT University aims to stimulate research and informed journalism on Māori, Pasifika, Asia-Pacific, and ethnic diversity media. Founded in 2007, it collaborates with other regional media centres and develops publications building on Pacific Journalism Review and websites like Asia Pacific Report. The PMC's mission is the belief that robust research and journalism contribute to development. Its goals include:

  • Undertaking diversity media research.
  • Raising NZ capabilities.
  • Publishing findings.
  • Winning research funding.
  • Developing partnerships.
  • Enhancing social change communication through initiatives like its websites and journals.

The PMC contributes to economic, political, and social progress by focusing on diverse media.

Education Library

The Education Library serves staff from the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education Commission, NZ Qualifications Authority, Education Review Office, and Education NZ. It also allows membership for disability and learning support professionals like RTLBs working in New Zealand schools and centres. As a specialised library for the education sector, it aims to provide resources and services for those involved in education policy, regulation, and delivery. By assisting government agencies and school staff, the Education Library supports education work across the country.

Education Library logo

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History & Culture

Websites dedicated to New Zealand's history and culture preserve the country's heritage.

28th Māori Battalion Website

28th Māori Battalion image

The 28th Māori Battalion website records and honours the 6,300 Māori and Pacific Island men who served in the Battalion during the World Wars. Launched in 2009, it provides a place to remember the Battalion's contributions through historical information, oral histories, photos, and a nominal roll. Veterans and families can share stories and memorabilia to maintain the Battalion's legacy. Developed by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and partners, the site serves as an engaging tribute in both English and Māori. Its homepage features Battalion soldiers performing a haka in 1941, symbolising the website's role in preserving the Battalion's culture and service.


NZHistory is a website from the Ministry for Culture and Heritage that provides information and resources on New Zealand history. Its content covers people, places, events, and themes across culture, politics, and military history. Notable features include an events calendar with daily entries, databases like the 1893 Women's Suffrage Petition signatories, and teaching resources. Initially launched in 1999, the site aims to make New Zealand history accessible through adhering to web accessibility standards. NZHistory continues to expand its content and databases to serve as an informative resource for those studying or interested in New Zealand's past.

NZ History logo

Logo for VietnamWar website project is a website created by Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture and Heritage as part of the 2008-2012 Vietnam War Oral History Project. The project involved collecting over 150 interviews with veterans and families to preserve personal stories of New Zealand's Vietnam War involvement. Extracts and contributed photos, letters, and other memorabilia are featured on the site. The website serves as a digital archive and hub for memories of New Zealand's role in the Vietnam War, with content showcased through exhibitions like Home Fires Burning. Its purpose is to record history through firsthand accounts.

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A Wealth of Online Resources

This sampling demonstrates the diversity of New Zealand websites available today. From essential services to rich cultural resources, these sites showcase the country's innovation and reflect what matters to Kiwis. Exploring each provides insights into New Zealand life along with valuable information.

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