A new generation of designers, developers and digital producers: Alex Matthews' graduation speech for new Yoobee graduates

alex speaking to recent graduates
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Alex shared the roots of his career, starting out as a designer at just 12 years old with a passion for the potential of youth and a belief in self-curated education in the digital landscape. He transitioned to the hospitality sector in his teens, moulding his future through hands-on experiences.

Despite facing substantial debt from a failed restaurant venture, Alex took as an opportunity to learn, noting that he learnt just as much from this failure as a degree in business and it cost him about the same. He embraced the challenge, returning to the hospitality and freelancing circuit to repay what he owed. During this period, he and his friend, Rox Flame, founded Xequals, the Wellington-based creative and digital agency still powering along today, turning their experiences into a successful venture that even took them to the Kingdom of Bahrain to teach web design.

While Xequals thrived, the duo faced the societal impact of the internet during the Arab Spring, prompting them to bring lessons back to New Zealand and adapt their business to evolving technology. Today, Xequals sits above Cuba Street, symbolising Alex's determination to move beyond setbacks.

His latest venture, Frost Flame Games, exemplifies the continuous reinvention of industries and the importance of embracing new trends. Matthews, now a father, urged graduates to fearlessly pursue their journeys, balancing ambition with family joys. He emphasised the significance of hard skills, emotional intelligence, and a strong work ethic, advising openness to life's experiences.

Alex hopefully left a lasting impression on the new graduates, inspiring them to see the world through possibilities and embrace the highs and lows of their journey into a digitally powered future. Regardless, he was honoured to have been given to opportunity to help them on their path.

alex graduation ceremony

alex graduation ceremony

alex graduation ceremony

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