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What is TEDxWellington?

It is a celebration of ideas!

TEDxWellington has always been a platform where ideas worth spreading find their voice. This year was no exception. From exploring the frontiers of technology to delving into the depths of human resilience, each speaker took us on a journey of discovery, challenging our perspectives and igniting our imaginations. Their words resonated with authenticity and passion, leaving an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to be in attendance or watching remotely.

Looking Forward:

As we bid farewell to TEDxWellington 2024, we carry with us the memories of a day filled with inspiration, connection, and possibility. But the journey does not end here. It is our hope that the ideas shared and connections made at TEDxWellington will continue to ripple out into the world, sparking conversations, igniting passions, and catalyzing positive change.

Thank you to everyone who played a part in making TEDxWellington 2024 an event to remember. Together, we have proven that when we come together to share ideas and celebrate our shared humanity, anything is possible.

Please check out TEDxWellington and keep up to date with all our endeavours. Maybe even volunteer some day?

thank you everyone!

Our Gratitude

Our very own Alex Matthews was one of the key organisers of this event, with also help from countless volunteers, speakers and sponsors, we can't celebrate this event without thanking everyone who helped us make this magical event come true.

Alex will now be passing on the torch to Tania Marie Smith for next year's event, before going to Ciaran the year after and then returning to Alex as they take it in turns being key organisers. Alex is looking forward to having more family time as much as he is seeing what Tania does for the next event!

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The Speakers

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The Sponsors
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The Guests
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