SmartBuild - Streamlining Building Compliance Management
SmartBuild transformed inefficient manual building compliance processes in New Zealand into an automated digital platform
Client Name
Custom Front-end (SASS/CSS)

The Challenges

Inefficient cumbersome processes.

Prior to the development of SmartBuild, NZ’s builders faced numerous challenges in their compliance management process. These challenges included:

  1. Manual Processes: The reliance on paper-based documentation and manual data entry resulted in delays, inefficiencies, and an increased risk of errors.
  2. Communication Gaps: The lack of a centralised platform made it difficult for different stakeholders, including builders, architects, and local authorities, to collaborate, communicate, and share essential compliance-related information.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: The constantly evolving regulatory landscape presented difficulties in ensuring all compliance requirements were met consistently and accurately.
  4. Efficiency: New Zealand’s building compliance processes are intricate, complicated, and very labour intensive to administer via paper forms, which often require the input of multiple different tradespeople and specialists. This nuanced workflow is a genuine challenge that lends itself to a web-based system very well.


New Zealand's building compliance landscape was ripe for disruption. Manual, paper-based processes meant inefficiency, delays, and frustration for builders and regulators alike. With compliance requirements continuously evolving, relying on paperwork was increasingly risky. SmartBuild envisioned a better way - a centralised digital platform to connect stakeholders, automate workflows, and ensure smooth compliance.

The Situation, New Zealand's building compliance management system, recognized the need for an innovative digital solution to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of building compliance processes. As manual record-keeping and paperwork became increasingly time-consuming and error-prone, SmartBuild aimed to develop a Drupal website to streamline the compliance management process, improve communication and collaboration between stakeholders, to ensure regulatory requirements were met seamlessly.

The Solution

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The Results

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